After much ado the website is finally up and running thanks to my website builder Brian from Smith Consulting & Designs who worked tirelessly and without the slightest complaint on all the demands and changes I could come up with.¬† So my sincerest “Thank You” to you, Brian!

I am always lost for words when it comes to talking “about me”, but I will now give it a try…

In 2001 my mother and I closed a gift store here in our downtown area on “Artist Row”. How much we would miss it, left us clueless. But over the years this became a reality and we often talked of our favorite customers, the wonderful atmosphere in the store and the laughter and love we were surrounded with. Yes, we missed it with a deep yearning in our hearts to once again bring delight and a little happiness with our wares to those who appreciate our hard work and dedication.

After my divore I knew that I had to do something other with my life than just think back on things that once were….I knew that a “new” store had to become a reality…and yes…here I am! So, hello world!

¬†Although it pains me to say that my mother had no interest in joining me in this new venture, I am however very happy to announce that she agreed to design and create a completely new line of bags- Which she does exclusively only for Divine Designs. In the past we were known for our uniqueness in handmade items. Divine Designs will continue on that path because “different” is good, we have always known that, so bringing you our creations, will hopefully delight our customers as much as we delight in creating them. So, in that sense, we are indeed a team again!

Our wares: Handmade Gemstone Jewelry and unique, one-of-a-kind bags. I create the jewelry, my mother the bags. All our materials are chosen for great quality and beauty. However, our wares are handmade and although we try to be perfect in all we do, a certain degree of flaws should be expected. But, when we create, we do so with love and dedication. Each piece is created as if it is being made for a loved one- and we would not want to disappoint any of them.

Izzy Barreto

Anja Barreto