Dear Friends and Customers,

It has only been a short while since Divine Designs opened online and we are by no means done with everything. International shipping rates are still being worked on and between tiny details with technical site problems and a few other problems sneaking out of each corner of our workshop, it has been quite a challenge for us! But let it never be said that we give up easily!
A Bit About Us…
Izzy and I are a mother/daughter team and we do almost everything together. When we decided that ‘online’ would be a great option for us since we also work at home, it was not long before the “Scary New Adventure” became a reality and so we are now proudly presenting our handmade wares.
I create most everything fabric related and Izzy is an incredible artisan when it comes to working with gemstone beads and Sterling Silver and in the future, you will also see some terrific items by my talented granddaughter Elise who is in College right now with very limited time for creations. So, that being said, let us get to the most important topics I like to talk about today…

My Bags….
I have been sewing since I was a young girl and that was a very, very long time ago! I love creating and new ideas always pop up. My ideas for the Bags actually came from watching the younger generations walk about in trendy beat-up Designer Jeans with drab-looking, factory-mass-produced Bags of all sizes, shapes and oh so blah colors! It was quite an experience! The pretty top and Jeans paired with a nice set of shoes…Fantastic! The bag…well…not so great. And I thought to myself… there is really not that much of a choice out there…one bag looks pretty much like the next bag. The labels change but that is it. Being European, I am very picky about my accessories. I cannot prevent that the exact same style of Designer Jeans is being worn by thousands of other females on probably the very same day, in the same City where I am wearing mine! But I can make sure that my accessories are unique in every way; that they are items that are fresh, vibrant, daring and fun that can be worn whether you like the casual look or lean more towards elegance because my bags represent both and, in that respect, the bags have no age limit and can be worn by anyone who wants to feel a bit more unique—even when your neighbor steps out of the doorway wearing the same blouse…. and all of our items are ONE-OF-A-KIND!
My bags also come in all kinds of shapes and sizes and whether you need something small to just carry your phone, wallet and money or like to carry your whole arsenal of beautification products and the Beautician with you (just kidding, Beauticians will not fit), we have what you need and I am expanding options almost every day.
When I buy my Fabrics, Interfacing, Trims and every other item I use to create my bags and other items, I buy only quality. That is very important to me and to Divine Designs’ standard. Vintage fabrics we buy from all over the world. After they arrive, they are washed and ironed before I use them to get the warehouse smell out. Some of these fabrics have been stored for up to 20-50 years or more so the steps I am taking with the Vintage fabrics are important to me. All my new main fabrics are bought at various carefully chosen Retail Stores from across the country.
My bags are made strong and consist of a durable Main-body such as Cotton, Polyester, Canvas etc…etc… The main fabric receives Interfacing before I embellish front and back. Most of the Trim I am using I make myself—although I cannot resist the beauty and variety of “ready to go” Trims. If I use 3-dimensional Applique, I also make them myself. Depending on what kind of bag I am making, most of the straps are luxuriously lined inside with quilted fabric to give them the soft feel. If I add beadwork and/or embroidery, I do not care about how much time I am spending on one bag or other items. I only care about the outcome. Embellishing my bags is the most fun for me. I use a variety of beautiful fabrics and trims, brocade borders, cotton lace, 3-dimensional embroidered silks, glass beads, sequins, metallic/art-silk embroidery threads and so much more. Most of the buttons I use are beautiful decorative metal buttons, others are wood with silk overlay made by me, and very few—although decorative and beautiful, are made of an I-DO-NOT-KNOW material and the package did not even specify what I had just bought (and yes, that can indeed happen) but as I said, I used only very few of the latter.
As you can see, a lot of quality time and costly materials go into each one of my bags and/or other fabric creations and looking at what we sell them for, you are buying quality, uniqueness and beauty at a Bargain!
My Bad Days…
Yup, I have those as well. Although as with any other handmade item, small imperfections or flaws have to be expected, but we have a strict policy about what is acceptable and what is not. So maybe a buttonhole did not turn out or maybe I missed a tiny hole or other flaw in the fabric that is bugging me. But whatever it may be, some items just do not meet our standards and will not be sold.
What to do with an item that is pretty but not sellable? Well… we will give them away of course! We feel that they will make some people happy. So, in the future, we will decide when and how we go about doing this. You will find an update right here on our Blog. Email us and let us know what you think about this! We love to hear from you!
Izzy’s Jewelry and other Wonderful Items:
As said before, Izzy is a true Artisan when it comes to creations that require a strict discipline, steady hands and an eye for beauty! Her creations are just gorgeous and yes… divine! My favorites are the Gemstone and Austrian Crystal Car Dangles or wait… the Malas… and… and….
Well, it is hard not to make them all my favorites but it must be said that here too, it is very important to us that only great quality of any and all of the materials that are being used for her creations are selected and bought. We want you, the customer, to be happy with even the smallest purchase because your happiness is our goal.
So please let us know how we are doing or what we can improve on. Any input actually would be much appreciated!
Before You Buy:
1) Please read our descriptions.
2) Please measure your neck, wrist and/or ankle size to make sure item(s) will fit you. Measure and make sure the strap sizes on bags are a good fit for you and that the bag is actually the size you want or need.

Our Return Policy
With one-of-a-kind handmade wares it is a bit more complicated than with items that come from assembly lines or big factories where hundreds of the same items are produced every minute for mere pennies. We do not like our items to go through different hands that may ruin the item. Having owned a retail business before, we know exactly what kind of customers can be out there. They are few, but they (I call them a pain in the rear) do exist and we do not want to make it too easy for them to buy, use and return. So… this is our policy: We are certain that you will love our products and once bought, will keep them. Should you however truly not be happy with your purchase, you will have to inform us within 24 hours of receiving your item(s) via email or phone and item(s) must be returned within 48 hours after receiving. Return postage is the sole responsibility of the Buyer, NOT Divine Designs’, and item must be in the very same NEW condition it was when you received it. If item is soiled, used or damaged in any way, we will demand damages and full payment for the item(s). Full Refund will not occur until we received and inspected your return.
Also, we did not create the shipping fees, those are fees set by the USPS. They also DO NOT contain any kind of Handling fees and, we Do Not charge you any separately either. Although we have to pay all Sales Taxes to the State of Georgia, we do not charge you any sales tax at this time and until we are forced to do so, we will continue to keep your purchases tax-free.
This N’ That
1) All our sizes are approximate sizes.
2) All prices are introduction prices and may change in the future.
3) Some color variations with the fabrics in our pics cannot be helped. We have noticed that our Emerald Green shows up as a “Bluish tint” and some Purples are not as vivid as in reality.
4) Items truly look much better when you see them in front of your eyes than looking at an image that was captured with a camera. And that folks, had to be said and is for now…all!
Should we make any changes to our policies, we will update you here. All updates will be added at the top. Thank you so much and our best wishes to all of you!

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